Do you want to increase your stamina while exercising?

Do you want to increase your stamina while exercising.. the re-el secretThe reason you want to increase your stamina in the gym and especially in aerobics is usually to quickly see the results of the stress in your body. And you’re right, but to avoid risk of severe injuries you need to do a bit of patience.

To increase your endurance will have to do one step at a time and gradually you can improve your physical condition. See three common problems faced by women in their effort to resist exercise more or greater intensity.

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Is your child bad student? You can help him/her!

Is your child bad student.. You can help him-her. the re-el secretReally, what is bad student? The lame? The abstract? The inconsistent? The frivolous? Perhaps it would be easier to define a good student! A good student, then as specified in the education system and our society, it is not necessarily the child with the highest IQ, but who is encouraged and supported by the family environment in order to believe that he/she can meet the school requirements. So, have you a significant portion of responsibility for your child’s performance at school?

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Tips to promote yourself and your career

Tips to promote yourself and your career. the re-el secretWe are all responsible for our career development. We are somehow the Marketing Directors of ourselves, because to promote our career is necessary. The times when suddenly our phone rang and made a new business proposition have gone.

Jobs are few and only the good work is not suffice. It needs to advertise ourselves and face our career as a product that needs promotion and support. How can we achieve this without appearing to do self- promotion? By our behavior, our attitudes, opinions and our insight.

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